The House of Beauty Tofu

A desire to heal & find purpose on my path has led me here. My only hope is that whether you're just starting your journey to self love or are already on your path to the most important journey of all “Self Love”, that here in this beautiful space you will find all of the teachings, rituals and treatments that took me 15 years to experience and find. 

The journey to self love and self care does not often come as second nature and is something sometimes we must implement as a practice and devotion for quality of mind, body and soul. Healing can take time both Internally & Externally, this being so it is a soulful conscious decision to better mind, body and soul. Here at THE HOUSE OF BEAUTY TOFU, a conscious collective of women have come together to work together to create love, healing and community. We can’t wait to connect with you & are excited for our journey together.

Holding Space for the warriors, vegans, conscious green girls, mothers, sisters, daughters, yogis.

My journey hasn’t been so easy it’s been sometimes very hard and for many years, nothing came easy. I can honestly say becoming the woman I am today took all of my strength, courage, and its actually been quite a long journey to self-love, somewhere along the way BEAUTY TOFU was born. I have experienced many lessons, good and some not so good as we all do personally and in our careers/journey. I found a purpose with BEAUTY TOFU it really is a lifestyle/foundation to health more than just a product to me and I’m humbled when my customers, clients, students feel this too. I’ve realised that it's really important to be authentic and honest and it starts within yourself. 
Vanuatu, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, America, UK, Argentina - The teachings and treatments offered at The House Of Beauty Tofu are of those I’ve both practiced and taught in my journey. For years I envisioned a collective of women offering other women a sense of community, healing, teachings, treatments and most importantly self love. The House Of Beauty Tofu is not only my dream home, but a great wish that I really hope it is yours too.

With absolutely all of my love and gratitude
Melanie x x

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