Beauty Treatments


Please send your booking request to for Kahuna as our Professional Green Girl who specialises in this goddess ritual has limited availability Sunday-Wednesday.

We will get back to you with available times. We suggest contacting us the day before to secure a time.

What is KaHuna Bodywork?

KaHuna Bodywork, a healing system derived from the ancient Polynesian methods of restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit.  Through this treatment of the physical body, powerful healing is able to take place more quickly and completely on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Polynesian philosophy all has to do with moving forward, changing and acknowledging that you are creating your own reality by what you think, say and do.

This beautiful form of Bodywork creates harmony and unity within the self while helping to heal aches and pains, wounds, broken bones and encourages a psychological balance which helps to calm stress.  It is unique in a lot of different ways. The practitioner uses their hands, forearms and elbows and moves around the table using flowing movements over the body that brings fresh oxygen to every cell. They work with energy to apply soft and deep tissue massage, which eventually, release past life memory, stress and trauma locked in the subconscious mind.  During the session, music is played and the practitioner attunes the flow of the massage to harmonise the various rhythms within the client’s body, mind and spirit.  Every session you will experience is unique.

Sometimes it is physical healing and relaxation, sometimes stuck emotions are unlocked which can be expressed by crying, laughing or smiling. Another time you might experience energy shifts and deeper connection to your soul.

KaHuna is an exquisite form of massage as well as a pathway to remarkable healing process

Benefits of KaHuna Bodywork

    Instils a calming sense of peace and deep relaxation
    Releases deep-seated neuromuscular tension and allows energy to flow more freely
    Treats the lymphatic, immune, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems to promote improved health and fitness
    Physically re-energising and rejuvenating
    Improves flexibility
    Helps to release fear, anger, grief and guilt as well as negative beliefs, self-criticism and traumatic memories
    Brings clarity and confidence, joy, open heartedness and trust
    Offers opportunity for self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love
    Generates an overall sense of well-being, vitality and empowerment
    Healing of injuries faster and more completely
    More love in life
    More happiness
    More balance
    More world peace

Who can receive KaHuna Bodywork?

Everybody, regardless of body shape, age or state of health can receive KaHuna Bodywork.  Anyone who is open to the experience. The greater the openness, the greater the impact.

Like the ripples in a pond, KaHuna bodywork use and effects are constantly spreading out and reaching a wider clientele in a society which is desperately seeking to heal itself and its planet. It is amazing to observe the impact it has on people – both the givers and the receivers

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Cacao, Tea, Sacred Ritual, Relaxation and Restore awaits you.