Rachel - Integrative Arts Therapist

Rachel - Integrative Arts Therapist

Rachel is a heart-centred facilitator of healing through the channel of creative expression. Her goal is to support people in accessing their inner wisdom, and creating lasting positive change to their inner and outer worlds.
As a professionally trained and qualified Integrative Arts Therapist, and founder of Seed of Change Arts Therapy, Rachel loved her practice into existence from her own experiences and challenges. Her growing passion and understanding for creative expression and it’s ability to heal gently guided Rachel through some difficult life transitions into deeper feelings of ease and grace.
At the start of her Arts Therapy journey Rachel could often be heard saying, “I’m not an artist... I can’t draw...” until realising that it’s not about an aesthetically pleasing outcome as the magic and the healing are in the process of creation... like life!

On Arts Therapy...
“It’s not fine art but it’s the finest art you’ll know”
Anonymous Arts Therapist.

Rachel has experienced and witnessed powerful personal insights easily ‘drawn’ from the inner BEing when allowed the freedom to create with intention. Her passion for Arts Therapy continues to grow and be a light for others to shine onto hidden, unique, mysterious and beautiful aspects of Self.

Rachel has held and co-facilitated many healing groups for adults, as well as deeper, individual sessions. These have included a focus on healing, connection and wellbeing for women and men, a peer-support group program for mental health support workers, as well as mental health-related groups and individual sessions for people experiencing homelessness and children/young people with special needs.
Having witnessed many groups connecting deeply with themselves and each other, healing, shifting, growing and changing their experiences of life for the better, Rachel is passionately creating a container for this experience with her weekly drop-in groups. With an intention to simply ‘be there’ when needed, to support, connect, allow safe expression and guidance towards inner wisdoms, Rachel holds a space where all expression of mind, body, heart and soul are welcome. A place of empathy, understanding and non-judgement where you will be seen, heard, felt and accepted exactly as you are in any given moment. With a strong love of community Rachel believes everything happens in relationships, with self, others and environments, and has observed the multitude of benefits from healing in a group container, interacting, socialising and relating with others.

With her love of ‘Integrative’ Arts Therapy Rachel offers a holistic approach with access to various Arts for healing. She believes we each have our favoured forms of ‘creative communication’ for when words simply aren’t enough. Language can be limiting so why not speak through movement, sound, paint, scribbles, doodles, play, dance and more? Any and every way the heart, mind and body desires to come into coherence and share inner knowledge, all are welcome and valid.
With each group experience you are guided through visualisations with the session intention and your own, and through uniquely created, fun and insightful processes. No two sessions are ever the same and participants never know what to expect! This is intentional as the mind can be sneaky and create preconceived ideas and expectations that limit our experiences. Rachel gently guides and encourages you with curiosity, flexibility and spontaneity as her closest allies and beloved friends. 

Warmest love!

Rachel will be running weekly Art Therapy Workshops on a Tuesday 10-12pm for Adults. Come along and heal through expression, play & art.
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