Meet Forreste - Emotional Intuitive Coach

Meet Forreste - Emotional Intuitive Coach

Emotional Intuitive Coach 

Meet Forreste 

Forreste offers an emotional therapy that creates long-lasting transformation in mind, body, and spirit. From her expressive therapy studies, combined with years of experience as a Reiki Master and medical psychic, she has mastered the ability to assist you in alchemising the programs, patterns, and beliefs that stop you from flowing with your Soul's rhythm. Her one on one sessions in the studio support heart-expanding relationships with yourself, others, and the world. From these sessions in total presence, you will return to and be totally fulfilled by the discovery of unconditional Love, in all parts, pieces, and places of your being.

A few words from Forreste . . . 

Imagine a beautifully lit space, with salt lamps and peace lilies, and a faint smell of patchouli. Forreste welcomes you with a beautiful smile, joyously chauffeuring you to the soft massage table. You prop yourself into the comfiest and most snug energy bubble, a cocoon for you to spend the next hour in. You close your eyes as Forreste tunes into your energy field with total presence, and you’ve already grounded into the space - exploring your worries and thoughts through the lens of love and safety, rooted deep into the Earth mother who’s got you. Forreste asks you about a situation that your body has been calling out loudly to you, showing up in aches and pains, as little nudges from your vessel. Your awareness is brought to this area, and emotions arise that have been held there, that have been stuck through programs and patterns that weren’t in devotion to a loving, compassionate and purposeful evolution that your soul came here for. As you let yourself feel deeply into them, they dissolve into bliss, a new perspective is created, and your body sinks deeper into the sacred mellow nest that holds your temple for this moment. Experiences surface for reframing, and Forreste assists you in weaving a healing web in the connections that you make together of your experience. She is trained to see the turns you may have missed on your mountain, and reminds you of your own empowerment, and wholeness. With each piece in presence that returns to you, a part of your soul is retrieved. So that when you leave the session, you trust your heart to guide you, and with this compass, you easily return to doing all the things you used to do, that bring you JOY, and new pathways and opportunities present themselves, being magnet to your frequency of Love. Your consciousness is amplified, connecting your heart and your mind, making it easy for you to make choices, love giving and receiving, and creating fulfilling relationships and friendships of unconditional love and acceptance, that you've longed for. You arrive home from your session with direction, clarity and self empowerment, with the resilience and strength to navigate any roaring seas. You've remembered to trust the Universe and it’s ability to support you, always, in the most fulfilling experience that is YOUR life  xxx